Automated System Engineering

Through extensive research and development, Outlier technology has combined proprietary machine learning algorithms with decades of software development experience, to produce our ground breaking Artificially intelligent Reverse Engineering System (ARES).

ARES has been designed from the ground up with the core objective of increasing quality and saving time in your Software Development Life Cycle, from initial system analysis through to functional testing and re-engineering. ARES supports your business by reducing risk in your acquisitions and mergers, 3rd party integrations, and migration of legacy applications, giving you the confidence to change your organisation rapidly in response to the market conditions you’re presented with

System Analysis

ARES supports your analysis team by doing the heavy lifting of producing detailed logical specifications including workflow transitions and data dependency maps without the need for access to any code.

Functional Testing

ARES generates end to end test harnesses that are truly independent of your implementation, and provides detailed, accurate and unambiguous test coverage meaning you can focus on confidently improving your most critical systems.

Rapid re-engineering

ARES re-implements your process logic in one of several languages using preset implementation patterns. With functional parity established, your teams are empowered to address with deep technical debt and implement next generation architectures with confidence